Multi Use Radio Service (MURS)

Created Monday 26 December 2022

The Multi Use Radio Service was introduced in the early 2000's on frequencies that were commonly naively pirated. The most common users are businesses.


Relatively few users
Commercial-grade equipment
Works well in wooded areas
Generally supports CTCSS and sometimes DCS to keep radios quiet when other groups may be using the channel


No culture of interoperation
Few channels

Mode: FM*

*Technically many others are legal, but only FM is common.

Antenna dimensions:

Wavelength: 1.96m
Quarter wave: 19"
Five eighths wave: 48"

Power: 2 W TPO

RF Bandwidth:

Channels 1-3: 11.25 kHz
Channels 4-5: 20 kHz

Available channels: 5

Frequency listing (MHz):

Channel Frequency
      1 151.820
      2 151.880
      3 151.940
      4 154.570
      5 154.600

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