Emergency Kit

Created Monday 26 December 2022

In a video on 2019-04-22, Beau of the Fifth Column gave a rundown of what should be in an emergency bag. The talk is called Let's talk about a guy named Rooster and emergency preparedness....

In an emergency, there are people who will come to help, however, the more self-reliant you are, the less strees you will put on those resources.

One of Beau's points is that quite often people will tell you that they have all of this stuff, but the problem is that you need it all together and in a place where you can grab it and go.

Here are the highlights:

First aid kit

good one - Not the one you pick up at Wal-Mart which is a blue box saying 153 pieces, and 148 of them are different sized bandaids.


If you are on any kind of medication, you need to have a supply of it ready to go.


Canned goods
Things that last a really long time
Things that are easy to cook

Can opener


A few cases of bottled water
You can also get tablets or filters, but have a supply as well


Includes flashlight
Charcoal bags
Keep in mind that wood around may be wet
Knowledge of how to build a fire
Waterproof matches


Space blankets
550 cord


Swiss Army knife is a good choice.

Evacuation plan and backup evacuation plan

Additional things that can make life easier:


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