Install Ventoy

Created Sunday 27 February 2022

Ventoy is a tool for creating a multi-boot thumb drive or USB hard disk. It is not avaialble in the Ubuntu/Mint repositories.

Get the tool from github at this URL:

Locate the .tar.gz file. The version number should be the latest release. Save it into ~/Downloads.

Open a terminal.

Create a build folder, if there is not already on there.

mkdir build

Change directory to the build folder.

cd build

Unpack the tarball (.tar.gz file).

tar -xvzf ../Downloads/ventoy-${version}-linux.tar.gz
This will produce a folder with the same name as the tarball, but without .tar.gz as an extension.

Open a terminal if you do not already have one open.

Go to the Ventoy folder

cd ~/build/ventoy-${version}-linux

Start it.


Enter your password when prompted.

Plug in a thumb drive. Dispose of any file browsers that open.

Click the refresh button.

Select the thumb drive from the Device window.

Click Install

Remove the thumb drive.


Install a distro
Insert the Ventoyified thumb drive.

Copy or save a distro file (.iso, .img) to the Ventoy file windwo that opens. You can create folders in here if you like, to keep them orderly.

Eject the drive.