Created Monday 26 December 2022

This is the intro shpiel I've been trying to standardize for new members of this community.

Brenda and I are the moderators of the group; I personally believe in moderating with a light touch, but if one of us decides that a discussion is be off-topic, please abide by the decision. We do most of our moderation out of public view, dealing directly who whatever it is that needs attention. I have, on one occasion, made a public statement about a moderation action, but it's rare and I don't like doing that.

We have a website, http://www.kc2idf.com/Emergency_Preparedness/ where you will find some information that we've gathered as a group. We've not been at this for very long, so it's still a little sparse. If you think of something that should be on that site, let me know and I'll make it happen when I have five minutes to edit.

I'm hosting that site on a server that is sitting in my living room, mostly because of rule .303. It's not commercial grade and may sometimes go out.

Points of etiquette:

Anyway, glad to have you aboard; I'm sure the others will make themselves known as the discussion unfolds. There's no format to the discussion; if you want to share something, share; if you want to ask something, ask.