Rules for presentation slides

Created Thursday 11 April 2019

Rules for presentation slides

  1. One message per slide.

  1. Sentences on a slide and spoken words do not yield memories. Use images and few words.

  1. Eyesight tracks:
Signalling colours
Contrasting Objects
Big objects
Use these to your advantage.

  1. Contrast
Dim things when you are done with them.
Sharpen things wher you want to focus attention
Don't use a white background -- it will draw attention away from you.

  1. No more than six points/objects in a slide
A limit of the human mind is that it can process, on average, seven concepts at a time.
Overall, the range is 5-9 concepts, depending on the person
Limiting to six items will work well for the majority of your audience.
Fewer would be better.